Welcome to the Garafraxa

An afternoon sky, shining in the windows of The Garafraxa

A s you know, we started The Garafraxa to explore some of our creative energies.  And we’ve been having a blast putting on shows and events for the local community.  In the past year we’ve hosted comedy shows, music, films, plays, theatre, puppetry, and improv, to name a few.  And we’ve also seen some amazing performers grace our stage (Scott Thompson, Pat McKenna, Steve Morell, Christina Martin, Jenny Parsons, Malcolm Holcombe, etc.)  It’s all been because of our love of live theatre and our desire to provide the local community with some great entertainment.  We’ve also served a lot of great tasting java and provided Durham with one of the coolest places to hang out.  But in the last few months, we’ve been getting really busy with other projects and creative endeavors and we currently don’t have the energy, nor the time to keep focusing on The Garafraxa in a way that it demands and any good theatre needs.

S o, unfortunately, we’ve decided to close up for the next little while until things settle down with our other projects.  I know that is going to sadden some, and inconvenience others, but Yolanda and I decided early on that, any time The Garafraxa took too much of our energy, or if it took away from our other projects, we’d just hit the reset button until we were able to focus the requisite amount of time and energy on our space.  Thanks to all our regulars for making it a great place to hang out, and we’ll see you all when our dust settles.  Keep checking back with the website for any further changes.  And, FYI, the yoga studio is still fully operational.  You just won’t be able to get a great cappuccino afterwards.

Yolanda and Frank